Angelo Brocato’s: Whole Cakes

Angelo Brocato’s: Whole Cakes

We specialize in Italian cakes such as Sicilian Cassata Cake and Tira Mi Su Cake, perfect for a birthday or special occasion. We are able to write on cakes, as long as we have advance notice.

Please pre-order miniature or whole items one week in advance.
Orders for whole cakes are taken over the phone at 504-486-0078.

Amaretto, Plain or Spumoni; seasonal flavors such as Pumpkin and Chocolate Hazelnut.
Available whole by pre-order; serves 16-20.


Sicilian Cassata Cake
Traditional Sicilian cake: layers of moist, white cake and sweetened ricotta cheese, topped with almond and candied fruit and encased in sweet marzipan.
Three sizes available by pre-order:
Small – serves 12-16;
Medium – serves 22-26;
Large – serves 30-36.

Sicilian Cassata Cake

Tira Mi Su“Lift me up!”
Layers of Italian sponge cake soaked in espresso and sweet marscapone cheese, encased in chocolate shavings and topped with cocoa.
Whole cake serves 12-16.

Whole Tira Mi Su Cake

Torta Ricotta*
Traditional Ricotta Pie, filled with sweetened ricotta cheese, candied lemon and orange, and citron zest.
Available whole by pre-order.