Angelo Brocato’s: Specialty Gelato

Angelo Brocato’s: Specialty Gelato

In addition to the more modern style of scoopable gelato, we manufacture some very traditional items that harken back to our beginnings.
These items are served on plates rather than in dishes or cones.


A wedge of tutti frutti, lemon and pistachio almond gelato, topped with sweet almond whipped cream.
Available by the slice or the quart (6-individually wrapped slices).

Cassata Ice Cream

A “dressed-up” spumoni: the same gelato flavors and whipped cream, with a layer of cake and morsels of candied fruit.
Available by the slice or the quart (6-individually wrapped slices).

bisquit tortoni

Bisquit Tortoni
Rum semifredo mixed with almond and cake

Baked Alaska Slice

Baked Alaska
Vanilla gelato encased in white cake, topped with br�l�ed meringue, a New Orleans tradition

Torroncino Ice Cream

Creamy, nougat-based vanilla gelato with toasted imported almond and cinnamon
Available in the block or by the quart.


Assortment of gelato and fresh fruit ices in a mold

cappuccino ice cream pie

Cappuccino Ice Cream Pie
Cappucino ice cream nestled in a chocolate graham cracker crust topped with homemade whipped cream and chocolate shavings
Available by the slice or whole.