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Angelo Brocato’s: Biscotti

Angelo Brocato’s: Biscotti

Our operating to produce the finest traditional Italian biscotti for you. From twice-baked anise and almond toast to biscotti regina, Italian seed cakes, we offer a wide selection of Italy’s most treasured sweets.

Out take out items include:

Assorted Biscotti (Colors)
10oz. Bag  $7.25
Anise or Almond Biscotti
4 oz. Carton $3.25


Biscotti Regina (Seasame)
10oz. Bag  $7.25
Cuccidati (Fig)
10oz. Bag  $7.95


Almond Macaroons (1 Dozen)
Vanilla & Chocolate Florintine
1 Dozen Box  $6.00

To order online for take out:

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